Sunday, April 15, 2012

Living Room Progress

I took the living room photos shortly before our housewarming party, which was two months ago, and I've already changed so many things! Design ADD anyone? Ah well, that just means another update post is in your future!

Let's start off with some good 'ol BEFORE and AFTERs.

Progress, about one month after moving in (white balance fail)...


Yes, I blocked off the fire place. Sue me :)



We painted within weeks of moving in because that yellow had to goooooo. A beautiful soft gray from Sherwin Williams that I adore because it changes colors depending on the lighting and makes everything look sexy. 

We painted foam core boards cut to fit the backs of the built-in shelves, which is great because I can change the color or ctrl-z any time (I'm currently thinking of painting them more of a chartreuse). I also used foam core painted the same white as the bookshelves to block off the fireplace. 

You might be wondering why we chose to put our couch in front of the fireplace, but we have our reasons! We originally had our couch on the other wall (see proof below). 

However, we couldn't figure out where to put the TV. In front of the fireplace looked ridiculous (as you can see above). Having it on top of the mantel gave us serious neck issues. I said to Boyfriend "hey, just for kicks, let's try it with the couch in front of the fireplace". Pfffff you crazy, but we'll try it! Turns out it was pretty great! We never use the fireplace anyway, and the new arrangement gave us a better flow from the front door without the couch blocking it. We also have a great view of the hills from the couch, which Boyfriend was all over. (p.s., see how we ended up with our current couch here)

Moral of the story is to never be afraid of experimenting with your furniture arrangement! Here's what that wall looks like now:

We have plans to build a credenza that spans the length of this wall to unify everything. We also need to find things to hang on the wall because it is looking pretty bare.

Enjoy some more detail shots:

Love that couch. Yes, that's the coffee table I refinished on my previous apartment's balcony.

Fun, unique lamp from a gal on Craigslist (she bought it from an antique store).

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A most awesome tissue dispenser from CB2. I need to get like, 5 more of these, that's how much I love them.

Almost done reading it! <3 Steve.


There ya go! I'm sure I'll have more updates directly before our next party (nothing inspires or lights a fire like having guests over!).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shutterbean's Mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Another recipe from the oh-so-talented Tracie at Shutterbean. It's her Mom's Sour Cream Coffee Cake and it is ridiculously tasty. No seriously, I had to share most of it with my coworkers just so I wouldn't eat it all. They also thought it was bitchin'!