Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Perfect Sofa

Remember that sofa teaser I posted not too long ago? 

Here's a recap: I found this Crate & Barrel Petrie sofa on Craigslist for a mere $300 (including delivery!). The sofa had been used for staging and was only two years old. There was some general dirt from being moved so often, but the couch had never actually been used. So why did we get it on the cheap? Observe:

She's a photo-bomber
No, there wasn't a schnoodle attached to it (personally, I think that would add value). But yes, there was a GIANT HOLE in the front. Oh dear.

I researched several repair options before committing to buy the sofa, ranging from a simple stitching to a full reupholster job of the damaged area. I even found that Crate & Barrel sells this fabric by the yard in case I went that route. In the end we decided that the deal was too good to pass up AND delivery was available AND it was basically the perfect couch (A few weeks prior when I was browsing couches online, Boyfriend asked what my "ideal" couch would be so we wouldn't settle on something less. I said white, tufted, classic clean lines, and comfortable...basically the Petrie to a tee). 

The couch arrived and I had it professionally cleaned to get all the dirt, dust and scuffing that had accumulated over numerous moves. We protected the fabric with 303 Fabric Guard which apparently kicks Scotchgard's ass. However, this did involve heaving the whole sofa out to the yard where it could air out while it dried...that was painful. 

Between all this, I found some time to take a stab at repairing the rip. I figured I had very little to lose and if it failed, I would turn to my other options. 

I don't have a lot of photos of the repair, but I will describe the steps. The first step was to use Fray Check around the edges.

Once that dried, I pinched the frayed edge under and used upholstery thread to stitch it up (you cannot use regular thread, even if you double, triple or quadruple it; that shit is just not strong enough). I don't know what kind of stitch I used, but it was more similar to how a shoelace is threaded. It turned out to be very strong and not too ugly so... good enough for me!

Not bad when you start backing away. 

We usually keep a throw on the cushions which covers it up, and we've practically forgotten all about it. Here is our lovely Petrie in all her clean and repaired glory.

We love it and we can't believe the discount we got on it! I also can't believe I finally found throw pillows that I actually like just in time for the housewarming party. Can you believe that they're both from Costco?!? The place where good furniture taste goes to die? Me neither.

Updates on the living room progress soon!

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