Monday, September 10, 2012

Alcohol Problem

We're not alcoholics, but we did have an alcohol problem. Sometimes, Boyfriend likes to make fun, obscure, or exotic cocktails and as a result, we have accumulated quite a collection of spirits. Our problem was that we had no place to store them, which meant that they were scattered around the house in places like the kitchen (appropriate), laundry room (not so much), and office (also no). Not to mention our muddlers, shakers, openers, and other tools were also hiding in various locations. Needless to say, whenever we wanted to get our drink on, a scavenger hunt would ensue which usually resulted in us giving up and opening a bottle of wine instead (not the worst consolation). But we still needed a little help.

Bet you see where this is going. Yep. Cue Craigslist.

And it came through for us! Now, this was not one of my better steals. In fact, I would classify it as simply "fair". This bar is originally $500 from World Market, and we got it for $370. We were able to justify the cost because it had a ton of wine slots, storage on the doors, glass racks, and was in great condition. The top even folds out to make a nice long table. Basically it was perfect, and when I first showed Boyfriend the posting, his eyes widened and he said "I want that". People....this almost NEVER happens to me when it comes to Boyfriend and Craigslist. Also, the nice fireman we bought it from let us borrow his minivan to drive it home in, so I felt really bad about haggling.

After cleaning it up and putting it in place, I went all designy on it and created a little vignette out of stuff around the house. I had been coveting that clock ever since CB2 first stocked it, but I couldn't swallow the $250 price tag. I was sad when they discontinued it, but months later it popped up on Craigslist for $100 and I pounced! I lurve it. 

Here we have a couple of deep wooden frames I found at Michael's for a few bucks and spray painted them white with a happy yellow interior. On top of that are some metal salt-n-pepper shakers from CB2. The old scotch bottle came in a really awesome wooden box with leather straps that I bought at a garage sale for $3. Some air plants for greenery ($10 for both at a flea market).

The marble hearts and the giraffes are two souvenirs from our recent trip to Disney World. We got one "couple-related" souvenir from each of the four parks.

Hearts (Epcot, Italy section), Giraffes (Animal Kingdom),
Postcard (Magic Kingdom), Roller coaster photo (Hollywood Studios)
I loved the theme of the souvenirs, but I especially love the story behind the roller coaster photo. Hollywood Studios was our last park to visit and as the day was ending, I realized that Boyfriend and I had wimped out of all the biggest rides at each park (our first roller coaster was literally 6 months ago, so we are still complete noobs). I told him he had to pick one: Everest, Space Mission, Splash Mountain, or Rockin' Roller Coaster. After much fearful debate, we decided on Rockin' Roller Coaster and DID NOT REGRET IT. It was such a blast, and the photo they took of us was priceless. Up until that point we had had zero luck finding a good couple-related souvenir from Hollywood Studios, but when we saw the photo... 

... we just knew it was the one. 

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