Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY White & Gold Holiday Wreath

Somehow this season got away from me a little bit and I'm just now crafting my Christmas decorations. At least the tree went up the day before Thanksgiving though!

Last year we started with the holiday decor basics and got our first Christmas tree together.

This year I'm adding a wreath and some stockings to the collection.

Wreaths are actually super easy as long as you pay attention to composition and don't go overboard with the flowers/bows/leaves/berries/pine cones/etc. Here's what you'll need (most of these can be found at your local craft store):

Wreath frame (I used a grapevine wreath)
Hot glue gun
Decorative items of your choice
Wreath hanger
Wire cutters

First, lay down some paper because likely by the end of this, there will be glitter EVARYWHARRRR.

Gather your materials. Before you commit to anything (aka, put the glue gun down), do a dry fit with your decor to get your composition right. Personally, I love a sassy asymmetrical wreath, so that's what I'm doing here. Sorry for the busy newspaper...not the greatest backdrop.

Round 1

Round 2: Moving/adding berries and gold leaves. 

Round 3: Adding dogwood flowers and adjusting the final composition before gluing. 

Once you like the arrangement, snap a picture to help you remember what it looked like, then take it all apart. 

Now, starting with the pieces in the back, start gluing! A generous bead of hot glue on the stem was plenty for me, since the grapevine wreath did a good job of holding the stems in place. 

Once you've got it all glued into place, hang it up for the world to see! Or do what I did and hang it on the inside of your door for yourself to see all day long :)

I think I spent about $40 total and about 3 hours on this project (including shopping). Michaels was having a "70% holiday florals" sale, which helped significantly. In fact, the most expensive part were the gold leaves from Target, which were definitely NOT on sale. They look nice though, so I guess they can stay.

Next up: I travel to 6 different Target stores trying to find matching stockings! Yay!

What are you crafting for the holidays, hmm?

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