Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Year Housiversary!

First order of business: Cheers! Happy New Year! Gong hay fat choy!

2013 was a big year for us! We came barreling into it already under contract to buy our very first house, which we totally managed to do! It's kinda weird to think back on this night a year ago, where we sat on the floor of our new house eating burritos by the light of a couple lamps and surrounded by ant bait poison. Ah, memories.

We haven't done a whole lot in the way of renovations, but we have managed to do a few of the important ones (and yes, the ants are gone now).

In March we finished the dog run (part 1 and part 2. Doggies gotta do their business without muddy paws! 

We did end up staining the wood, but of course we did the gate about 2 months after the fence, so they are different colors. Hopefully someday they will all fade to the same tone.

Shortly afterwards, I designed and built this covered greenhouse, which OMG has brought it about 80% of my blog traffic since it went live. This thing has long legs, and I expect a renewed interest as planting season approaches. 

The other biggie was the burnt fireplace makeover with weirdly food-themed blog post titles (part 1, 2, and 3).

It looked all fancy for Christmas with homemade stockings.

I started the home office makeover and got as far as painting and installing a new light fixture. The main holdup right now is trying to find cabinets on the cheap to build my desk on. I swear, I've been on Craigslist almost every day trying to find them. 

Eventually it will look something like this:

But for now, we've filled this room up with the overflow from our BIGGEST renovation yet: the hallway bathroom.

We've got floors, a bathtub and a toilet in now. Eventually it will look something like this:

Little-by-little, this house will become awesome. 

A few other notable 2013 events:

Dreamworks had massive layoffs, which I fell victim to. Very uncool.

We celebrated the completion of Monsters University (3rd film credit for me, 4th for him). Yay!

I jumped the VFX ship and got a job at at interior design firm in San Francisco. Yay!

And of course the biggest and bestest part of 2013 was going to HAWAII and getting PROPOSED TO. Pretty freaking awesome. And thus, the man known to this blog as "Boyfriend" officially became "Boyfiancé".

Now I'm off to become a year older! Happy birthday to me, and I hope I have an exciting 2014 :)

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