Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bedroom Makeover Part 1: The Duvet

Ok guys, this one is CURRENT! None of this backlog archive stuff. We're in the process of doing a serious bedroom makeover and here's why:
Gross, right? Wait, there's more:

I've had that comforter since high school, and while it started out clean and fluffy and trendy, now it's just flat, stained and depressing. I've been holding off on decorating the rest of the room until I got a comforter to be my design-cornerstone. After weeks and weeks of online and in-store shopping, Boyfriend and I finally agreed on this Solarized Duvet cover from West Elm. We coupled it with some dark gray sheets and a light cream bedskirt and got this:

So much better right? And since I think it's unfair when people take their "before" picture at night in awful lighting and the "after" picture in the day with beautiful lighting, here's a night time picture with same-as lighting:

Such a huge improvement, and it's SO comfy! We got a duvet insert from for $43. Since it never gets below 68 degrees here at night, we got a Serta Comforter level 1, which means it's got the least amount of stuffing. After one night it has proven to be not too warm, not too cold. Perfect! I'm not digging the cream bedskirt, but it's so hard to find bedskirts in a wide variety of colors. It will have to do for now.

COMING SOON: Curtains, throw pillows and stuff to hang on the walls!

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