Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bedroom Makeover Part 2: Curtains!

I was lucky enough to find some curtains that were the EXACT same gray color as the duvet at Target AND they were in the 94" height! I'm a huge fan of hanging curtains "high and wide" thanks to Young House Love, one of my favorite blogs. I positioned the curtains right up against the ceiling and about 1.5 feet out from each edge, and the result is pretty dramatic. It really makes the window look MUCH bigger than it is.
On to the pictures. Here's the BEFORE:
And the AFTER:

Doesn't that window just look enormous? Here are a few more BEFORE/AFTERs:

You can see that we've made a few other improvements. Swapping out the black Expedit drawers for some nice cream colored ones (these great cloth bins are found at Target), adding a catch-all bowl for all my junk (snack bowl from CB2), general organization and cleanup, and finding a "color muse" (more on that here).

We actually completely forgot we had another window by the door (since we literally NEVER touch it) and only bought one set of curtains/rods for the big window. Now that we've got curtains on the other one as well, it's pretty hard to miss!

The curtains are a bit on the short side, but there's some extra length in the hem that I'll eventually let out to get them closer to floor-length.

We bought the double curtain rods because I'm thinking about adding some colorful sheers behind the gray curtains for a nice pop. It might involve some DIY curtain dying...stay tuned for that!

The corner above the computers was looking pretty dark, so I brought in some light by hanging a mirror that I nabbed from Ross for $18. It had a few chipped and bent edges, hence the price, but nothing that can't be touched up with a bit o' paint.

Now for the wall-makeover bill: $60 for two sets of curtains, $120 for curtain rods (we used 3 total) and $18 for the mirror. That brings us to $198 which is not cheap, but we think the results are completely worth it!

Next on the list is getting a curtain for that Pax wardrobe because it's starting to look really REALLY nastay compared to all of our nice improvements. And a new lamp, cuz that hanging lantern is just an eyesore.

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