Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Cali Apartment

I was lucky enough to find a brand-new, clean, lovely apartment in Berkeley (albeit at a hefty price) in the short amount of time I had to do the hunt. After living in old college-town apartments that were 50 years old and had had the same carpet since....I don't even want to know when, it was time to be an adult! (Did I mention that my last apartment was set on fire because of smokers who lived right above me? Awesome.)

Anyway, here's the new place when I first moved in:

Living room & kitchen. Got a free paint job on that accent wall!

Kitchen with island

Apartment dishwashers are rare around these parts. So are washers and dryers. I have all three!

View from the kitchen
Bedroom again (there's only one)

View from the balcony. Right above the fountain!

View of the courtyard.

Oddly, I didn't feel compelled to take a picture of the bathroom. It's just as lovely and clean as the rest of the apartment though (and spacious!).

What's great about my new place is that I'm the first person to live in this unit, which means there are no holes in the wall, no dusty baseboards, no "mystery" stains, no broken shit, no chipped/scratched/peeled things....yay!  It's right down the street from some cute shops, including and art supplies store, Crate & Barrel and C&B's little--but more modern sister-- CB2. I <3 everything at CB2 and I always try to visit when I walk by (they even allow Teako inside)!

So there's the tour. The place has undergone quite the transformation since this, so stay tuned.

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