Monday, November 14, 2011

Grown-up Dresser

After more than a month of dresser searching on Craigslist, we finally admitted that our perfect dresser with modern, clean lines was not to be found via thrifting. I also wasn't sure if I was willing to refinish/repaint a whole dresser...I can't even finish the nightstand I've been working on for 3 weeks now!
Our old dresser situation looked like this:

The most over-used IKEA shelving unit ever with some canvas bins from Target. It's not terrible or ugly or even actually looks pretty okay. But it's not what we want for our quickly-becoming-sophisticated bedroom. 

Thankfully we found this gorgeous piece on Overstock: the Bello Gloss White dresser! We measured the space (note the masking tape in the above photo) and decided it would be a perfect fit, so we took the plunge and ordered it. 

From the time we placed the order to the time it stood fully assembled was 15 days. FIFTEEN DAYS! Why? Well thanks to some shoddy handling, one of the three boxes it came in was torn open and the hardware and instructions has fallen out along the way. We waited another week for them to ship us the missing items only to discover that they had forgotten to include the drawer slides. That makes for TWO missing parts requests/deliveries! Thus, the dresser sat in pieces on our living room floor for 15 days until everyone got their shit together and I was finally able to assemble it. 

End rant. Here's the after :D

Soooo prettyyyyyy.  Oh, and we also hung this giant mirror that we bought from Craigslist for $40 when we first moved in. It's been waiting to be appreciated for two months now!

Love it! I'm learning that I have a soft spot for over-sized decor such as this mirror. Hopefully that doesn't bite me in the ass later. 

This mirror also gets the prize for being the first thing we've officially hung on the wall in our new place. It takes me a long time to hang things on the wall here in earthquake country simply because I'm paranoid and I want to do it right, especially with a 25 lb mirror. We used Quakhold brand hanging hooks that create a "maze" for the hanging wire to keep it from jumping off the hook during an earthquake. Like this:

Quakehold also recommends that you secure the bottom of the thing to keep it from swinging around, which I'll be doing with 3M Velcro strips (btw renters, this is an AWESOME product if you want to keep from damaging your walls!). Now to just cross my fingers that the "BIG ONE" won't happen any time soon or in my lifetime. 

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