Monday, February 13, 2012

Succulent Collection

My succulent collection is growing! I'm obsessed with these things so I did a little photo shoot with them this weekend. I did my best trying to match the names (thanks!), but at some point a girl's gotta sleep!

Echeveria Blue Wave. These are my favorites
Aeonium pseudotabulaeforme or Saucer Aeonium
Kalanchoe Luciae. I can never seem to keep these flapjacks alive.
This one appears to be dying from too much rain and lack of sun  :(
Sedum Adolphi or Golden Sedum
Echeveria Lilacina?
Aeonium Garnet?
Graptoveria Opalina?
Haworthia Fasciata?
I picked this little furry one on a morning walk at the old place.
It was just a tiny thing then, now it's flowering!
Baby Graptopetalum paraguayense?
Mom brought me these hen and chicks from her New Mexico garden
Senecio Serpens or Blue Chalk Stick 
Echeveria Geranium
Oscularia Deltoides.
Aeonium Simsii?
Aeonium Subplanum 

Flowering crassula campfire

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